Platform Services

Native VM, file, block and container services

Software-defined storage services for every use case

The Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform delivers a set of software-defined storage services to support virtualized applications, non-virtualized applications, unstructured file data, and containerized applications. These services can be turned on and off based on application needs, enabling cloud-like consumption within an enterprise datacenter. IT organizations can consolidate all their workloads on the Nutanix platform and manage them centrally.

AHV: A Virtualization Solution for the Enterprise Cloud

Hypervisor software licensing can be a significant portion of the IT infrastructure spend. Are you getting value from that spend? Nutanix AHV is an enterprise-ready hypervisor included at no additional cost with every Nutanix node.

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VM Storage

Acropolis provides enterprise-grade VM-centric storage for virtualized applications. Unlike traditional storage solutions that were built in a pre-virtualization era, operations in Acropolis are optimized to work at a granularity of a single VM or vDisk. Additionally, complex storage operations such as LUN provisioning, zoning and masking are non-existent in Acropolis enabling deployment of highly available storage with just a few clicks.

Deploy VM-centric Storage in Seconds

No more storage complexity, no more LUN provisioning. Give the VM datastore a name, set data redundancy levels, enable capacity optimization policies and you are done.

High Performance for all Workloads

Choice and Flexibility Support for a wide range of hypervisors including Nutanix AHV, VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V with native hybrid-cloud connectivity to AWS and Microsoft Azure.

Choice and Flexibility

Support for a wide range of hypervisors including Nutanix AHV, VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V with native hybrid-cloud connectivity to AWS and Microsoft Azure.

Block Storage

Acropolis Block Services (ABS) is a native scale-out block storage solution that provides direct block-level access via the iSCSI protocol to the Nutanix Distributed Storage Fabric (DSF). It enables enterprise applications running on external servers to leverage the benefits of the hyperconverged Nutanix architecture.

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Protect Existing Investments

Connect storage with database environments such as Oracle, SQL Server and SAP that are deployed on specialized physical servers for price/performance or on bare-metal x86 to minimize software licensing costs.

Lower Costs

Eliminate the need for traditional Fibre Channel SANs and other specialized products that drive costs higher and require specialized IT administrators to maintain.

Deliver Performance

Ideal for non-virtualized, high-performance database applications – if a single Nutanix CVM can deliver 100,000 IOPS, a four-node Nutanix cluster can deliver an aggregated throughput of 400,000 IOPS.

Simplify Management

The platform is simple, scalable, and enterprise-grade out of the box, and can easily be managed by IT generalists from within Prism.

Leverage Hyperconverged Benefits

ABS delivers all the benefits of a hyperconverged environment, including intelligent data reduction, advanced disaster recovery, backup to the public cloud, and tiering capabilities.

File Storage

Acropolis File Services (AFS) is a native file storage solution for unstructured data. It provides a highly available and massively scalable data repository for a wide range of deployments and applications, including large-scale home directories and user profiles.

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Eliminate Complexity

VM and file storage are on the same cluster, eliminating the complexity of deploying and managing a separate infrastructure stack for standalone NAS solutions.

Scale on Demand

AFS is a 100% software-based service that can be deployed in minutes and scaled on demand with a single click.

Easily Grow Capacity

Storage can be scaled independently of compute. A storage heavy or storage only Nutanix node can be added to the cluster, and additional file server VMs can be deployed instantaneously.

Ensure Availability

AFS makes sure data is available during software upgrades, hardware upgrades and unexpected failures with no bottlenecks or isolated points of failure.

Protect and Recover Files

Native snapshots and self-service recovery make recovery of files extremely easy.

Leverage Flexible Deployment Options

AFS can be deployed on stand-alone clusters purely meant for file serving or integrated where virtual machines and data live in the same cluster.

Container Storage

Acropolis Container Services (ACS) provides enterprise-class persistent storage for containers, plus the ability to easily deploy and manage containerized applications on the Nutanix enterprise cloud platform. ACS makes containers a viable reality for enterprise applications.

Persistent, Resilient Storage

Persistent container volumes provide resilient storage for containerized stateful applications such as databases and web caches.

Simplified Container Management

The Nutanix Docker machine driver allows developers to easily spin up Docker hosts on Nutanix clusters to build and run containerized stateful applications.

Container Plus Virtualized Applications

A common platform that supports both virtualized and containerized environments allows DevOps to pick the best technology for their needs without creating infrastructure silos.

Acropolis DSF Benefits

Persistent container volumes are backed by iSCSI block storage on the Acropolis Distributed Storage Fabric (DSF) with all the benefits of deduplication, compression, tiering and erasure coding.

Distributed Storage Access

Acropolis DSF’s distributed nature allows containers to access storage volumes from anywhere within the cluster, making the storage service highly resilient and enabling mobility across hosts.


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