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Nutanix AHV Virtualization

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An open platform for virtualization and application mobility

Nutanix Acropolis hyperconverged infrastructure includes a license-free hypervisor, AHV, with a powerful open runtime environment that delivers invisible virtualization capabilities for a cloud focused world. In Acropolis, virtualization is an integral part of the infrastructure stack rather than a standalone product that needs to be bought, deployed and managed separately.

Common tasks such as deploying, cloning and protecting VMs are managed centrally through Nutanix Prism, rather than utilizing disparate products and policies in a piecemeal strategy.

AHV: A Virtualization Solution for the Enterprise Cloud

Hypervisor software licensing can be a significant portion of the IT infrastructure spend. Are you getting value from that spend? Nutanix AHV is an enterprise-ready hypervisor included at no additional cost with every Nutanix node.

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Built-in Virtualization

Nutanix AHV is an enterprise-class virtualization solution included with the Acropolis hyperconverged infrastructure stack on all Nutanix appliances, with no additional software components to install and manage.

Starting with proven open-source virtualization technology, AHV has an enhanced data path for optimal performance and is security hardened for the enterprise.  Nutanix delivers a more powerful, yet leaner, virtualization stack with no hypervisor bloat, no costly shelfware, and up to 80% lower virtualization costs.

Virtualization Features

VM Operations

Create, delete, update, power, pause/resume, snapshot, clone VMs, access via remote console.

Image Management

Convert and upload disk / ISO images to a Nutanix cluster.

Intelligent Placement

Determine initial placement of virtual machines based on CPU and memory availability.

Live Migration

Migrate VMs across hosts in a Nutanix cluster with zero downtime.

Cross-Hypervisor Migration

Migrate VMs between virtual environments running different hypervisors easily.

Automated High Availability

Automatically restart VMs on healthy nodes in case of a node failure.

Converged Backup and Disaster Recovery

Create on-cluster local snapshots and/or replicate to remote cluster for backup and DR.


Monitor and report key metrics for both VMs and the infrastructure (hypervisor, physical nodes).

Data Path Optimization

Enhanced IO data path providing superior network and storage performance that is ready for next generation hardware.

Hypervisor Management

Host Profiles

Standardize configuration of hosts within a cluster based on user-provided information, including network configuration, credentials, NTP settings and more.

Storage Configuration

Automatically configure storage on all hypervisor nodes when creating a Nutanix cluster.

Virtual Networking

Setup and configure layer-2 VLAN backed virtual networks that span a cluster. Use optional in-built IP management to dynamically assign static IP addresses to VMs.

Rolling Upgrades

Non-disruptively upgrade NOS, hypervisor and firmware in a Nutanix cluster.

Host Maintenance Mode

Put hosts into maintenance mode for planned upgrades and host removals.


Easily add and remove nodes and configure the hypervisor in minutes.

Application Mobility

The Acropolis App Mobility Fabric (AMF) is a collection of powerful technologies that allows applications and data to move freely between runtime environments, giving IT professionals the freedom to choose the best environment to run enterprise applications. AMF includes a broad range of capabilities for migrating between different environments, including from non-Nutanix infrastructure to Nutanix systems, between Nutanix systems supporting different hypervisors, and from Nutanix to public clouds.

For added simplicity, use Nutanix Xtract to automate virtual machine migrations and database transformations.

Non-Nutanix to Nutanix

Sizer Tool

Select the right Nutanix system and deployment configuration to meet the needs of each workload.

Foundation Tool

Automatically install the hypervisor of your choice on a Nutanix cluster.

Between Nutanix Systems

Cross-Hypervisor Disaster Recovery

Rapidly recover from a site failure by failing over VMs from one site to another location running a completely different hypervisor.

Cross-Hypervisor Backup

Perform automatic backups of VM-level data from one Nutanix system to another running a different hypervisor.

One-Click Hypervisor Conversion

Switch the hypervisor running on a Nutanix system from VMware vSphere to AHV in minutes with minimal disruption and risk.

High Availability

Automatically restart virtual machines on healthy nodes in case of a node failure in a Nutanix cluster.

Nutanix to Public Cloud

Cloud Backup With Cloud Connect

Use built-in hybrid cloud technology for seamless data backup to public cloud services such as Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure.

Ecosystem Support

Nutanix AHV is extensively tested by Nutanix and our technology partners to ensure that applications and guest operating systems run on the AHV Hypervisor with no change to VMs or impact to performance.

Applications & Technology

Guest Operating Systems


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