Big Data 

High performance for virtualized big data installations

Predictable performance, linear scaling and high availability

Big data applications like Splunk and Hadoop are pushing the performance and scalability limits of traditional three-tier infrastructures, requiring good sequential and random performance across large datasets and multiple nodes. Nutanix delivers performance equivalent to bare metal deployments from your virtualized big data installations.

Make Hadoop an Application, Not an Adventure

Nutanix is the only infrastructure vendor using a web-scale architecture with intelligent data locality—core to Hadoop. Learn how virtualizing Hadoop using Nutanix Acropolis Hypervisor can simplify deployments.

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Simplified Operations

Streamline infrastructure and storage management tasks, and leverage standard virtual machine management.

Easy Management

Simple to use Prism delivers single pane management for the entire server and storage infrastructure.

Efficient Use of Infrastructure

Hadoop and Splunk deployments can coexist with enterprise applications in the same environment using sandbox workloads.

Fast Time-to-value

Nutanix and big data applications like Splunk and Hadoop can be up and running in just a few hours.

Fast, Efficient Performance

Deliver up to 3x performance in only 25% of the space needed for 3-tier solutions, accommodating 100,000s of events/second.

Quick Search and Index

Delivers 2-3x greater events/sec for each appliance than competing solutions for mission-critical applications.

Linear Scaling

Start small and scale up one node at a time with access to over 1TB of data ingest/day.

Reduced Footprint

Hyperscale architecture and optimizations such as deduplication and compression reduce hardware footprints by up to 4x.