Microsoft Exchange

Deliver highly scalable, responsive Microsoft Exchange services

Even when already virtualized on traditional storage and server infrastructure, Microsoft Exchange performance can degrade as mailboxes grow in number and size, especially when sharing the same resources with other workloads.

Nutanix combines storage and compute resources into a single, integrated appliance. It provides the manageability benefits of centralized storage, and delivers high performance by keeping data local to server resources – aligning with Microsoft’s recommendation for direct attached storage (DAS).

Virtualizing Microsoft Exchange on Web-Scale Converged Infrastructure

Learn the advantages of leveraging data availability groups and Nutanix resiliency features for a highly available Exchange deployment.

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Higher efficiency and performance

With Nutanix, IT managers can finally deliver highly scalable and responsive Microsoft Exchange services with large mailboxes – without the excessive costs and complexity of traditional shared storage systems.

Lower Latency

Use of flash for index files and key Exchange database files enables low latency storage operations and optimized caching.

Decreased Capacity Requirements

Optimization technologies such as compression and deduplication reduce storage capacity requirements for growing mailboxes.

Improved Disaster Recovery

VM-centric snapshots and disaster recovery complement Exchange database availability groups and application-level resiliency.

High Availability

No-downtime, one-click upgrades of the Nutanix software and firmware ensure high availability.

Choice of Hypervisor

Hypervisor-agnostic solution provides the flexibility to adopt the virtualization platform of choice.

Simplified operations and lower costs

Leverage linear, seamless scale-out with pay-as-you-grow economics. Nutanix infrastructure can help cut operating expense by as much as 50% and physical footprint by 90%.

Faster Deployment

Converged compute and storage in a single appliance simplifies initial infrastructure deployments and Exchange migration.

Simplified Management

Highly distributed software architecture eliminates complexities common with traditional platforms when scaling to large numbers of Exchange users.

Linear Scaling

Auto-discovery and addition of new nodes to the cluster enables non-disruptive scaling of Exchange deployments, with a cost-effective, pay-as-you grow model.


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