Virtualization & Cloud Solutions

Support any workload, any environment, and any application type

The agility of the public cloud, with the control and security of on-premises infrastructure

Whether you span multiple clouds, use a hybrid cloud, or have a cloud-ready on-premises IT infrastructure, Nutanix Virtualization and Cloud solutions simplify datacenter operations, improve service delivery, and enable cloud initiatives.

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Software-Defined Storage For Dummies

As the industry continues to move towards datacenter virtualization and hyperconverged infrastructure, learn how to harness the power of software-defined storage.

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Simplified Administration

Reduce administrative overhead by hundreds of hours per year by practically eliminating the need for storage management through intuitive, consumer-grade centralized management, VM-centric operations, and unprecedented performance insight.

Simple, Out-of-the-box Deployment

Deploy secure private clouds in hours with validated turnkey designs for Nutanix, VMware, Microsoft, and OpenStack environments.

Resource Consolidation

Eliminate under-utilized silos and support an on-demand model by leveraging resources across all nodes, using as much as 80% less space and 50% lower CapEx.

Self-service Provisioning

Quickly enable self-service provisioning through toolkits, including VMware vRealize Automation, vCloud Director, and Microsoft Windows Azure Pack.

Excellent Performance

Gain fast random and sequential scale-out performance with the ability to mix nodes to run multiple applications on the same web-scale private cloud – no noisy neighbors.

High Availability

Deliver a variety of VM-granular service levels with VM-centric backups, efficient disaster recovery, and non-disruptive upgrades.

Deep Performance Insight

Simplify and speed performance troubleshooting from days to hours, with end-to-end visibility into application VMs.

Choice and Flexibility

Deliver ITaaS using popular cloud and orchestration offerings, including those from VMware, Microsoft, and OpenStack.  Nutanix Prism APIs and Powershell toolkit enable easy integration with your cloud stack and hypervisor of choice.

Integration with Popular Clouds

Easily integrate with popular cloud and orchestration stacks to simplify self-service and hybrid cloud deployments.

Your Choice of Hypervisor

Benefit from a wide range of virtualization options for your environment: Nutanix AHV, VMware ESXi, and, Microsoft Hyper-V.

Seamless, Predictable Scalability

Start small and seamlessly scale private cloud deployments to hundreds of nodes without disruptive data migrations.