Support Policies

Hardware End-of-Life Policy Definitions and Guidelines

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All customers who have purchased an SX or NX-line product and a valid support contract will receive access to Nutanix’s support for the duration of the support contract term on the terms and conditions set forth below.

  1. End of Sale Announcements (EOSA) will be made at least 6 months prior to End of Sale (EOS) date. As part of the EOSA, Nutanix will recommend alternative Nutanix products and a migration strategy if needed.

  2. Product can be ordered up until the EOS date.

  3. From the EOS date, Feature Releases will be available for the product for a period of at least 30 months*.

  4. After this 30-month period, Maintenance and Patch Releases will be available for a minimum of 12 months also referred to as End of Maintenance (EOM) date.

  5. After EOM date, helpdesk support will continue to be available for at least another 18 months until the End of Life (EOL) date. During the period between EOM and EOL, hardware replacement / spares will continue to be available and Nutanix support will provide work arounds (if available) to issues encountered. If the discontinued product/spares are not available for replacement or repair during the final year of the EOL period, Nutanix reserves the right to satisfy the support requirement by replacing the discontinued product with functionally equivalent hardware.

  6. After the EOL date, no additional support for the product will be available.

*Some features and/or feature releases may not be supported on older hardware due to compatibility issues. These exceptions, while rare, will be handled on a case by case basis. The overall duration of support will not be impacted.

Customers can renew support contracts up to 1 year prior to the EOL date, if the renewal contracts do not extend beyond the EOL date. Customers cannot renew support contracts if EOL is less than 1 year away.

Software End-of-Life Policy Definitions

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Software Release Cadence:

  • Major Releases or Minor Releases are typically made available every three to six months.

  • Maintenance Releases for the latest Major Release or Minor Release are typically made available every six to twelve weeks.

  • Patch Releases are made available on an as-needed basis.


Software EOL Policy:

  • When a Major Release is made available, the Terminal Minor Release in the previous Major Release family is supported for at least the next 24 months. For months 1 to 12 of this period, Maintenance or Patch Releases will be available for issues the customer may encounter. After 24 months, the Terminal Minor Release reaches the End of Life milestone in the Nutanix product lifecycle and support for that Terminal Minor Release ends.

  • For example, Nutanix made available AOS 5.0 in January 2017, and AOS 4.7 is the Terminal Minor Release for the AOS 4.x line, then AOS 4.7 will be supported until January 2019 (24 months). However, from February 2018 to January 2019 (last 12 months), no Maintenance or Patch Releases will be available for any issues the customer may encounter. January 2019 is the End of Life for AOS (NOS) 4.7 release.

  • When a Minor Release is made available, the previous Minor Release within the same family is supported for the next 12 months. For months 1-3, Maintenance Releases will be provided for the previous Minor Release, and for months 4-12 only helpdesk support will be provided for the Terminal Maintenance Release of that previous Minor Release.

  • When a Maintenance or Patch release is made available, the previous Maintenance or Patch release within the same family ceases to be maintained.

This End of Life Policy is effective as of November 1, 2015, and does not apply to any products for which an End of Sale announcement has been made prior to this date (which follow the previous End of Life Policy).

Log in to the Nutanix Support Portal to view the Hardware and Software Versioning Compatibility Matrix.

Software End of Support Schedule

VersionGA DateEnd of MaintenanceEnd of Life
2.0.zGA Date-End of MaintenanceJul 2012End of LifeFeb 2015
2.5.zGA DateApr 2012End of MaintenanceNov 2012End of LifeFeb 2015
2.6.zGA DateAug 2012End of MaintenanceFeb 2014End of LifeFeb 2015
3.0.zGA DateFeb 2013End of MaintenanceNov 2013End of LifeJul 2016
3.1.zGA DateAug 2013End of MaintenanceMar 2014End of LifeJul 2016
3.5.zGA DateDec 2013End of MaintenanceJul 2015End of LifeJul 2016
4.0.zGA DateJul 2014End of MaintenanceMay 2015End of LifeFeb 2016
4.1.zGA DateFeb 2015End of MaintenanceJan 2016End of LifeOct 2016
4.5.zGA DateOct 2015End of MaintenanceMay 2016End of LifeFeb 2017
4.6.zGA DateFeb 2016End of MaintenanceSep 2016End of LifeJul 2017
4.7.zGA DateJun 2016End of MaintenanceJan 2018End of LifeJan 2019
5.0.zGA DateJan 2017End of MaintenanceDec 2017End of LifeJan 2019
5.1.zGA DateApr 2017End of Maintenance End of Life

Third Party Hardware and Software Policy

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Nutanix has the following policy regarding the use of third party components within its devices:

  • If a customer uses a third-party component in a Nutanix device, and a fault is traced to the use of this third-party component, then at the discretion of Nutanix, support and warranty service may be withheld.

  • If a product fault is determined to not be related to the use of third-party components, then Nutanix will continue to support the customer per our standard support policies.

  • At no time will hardware RMA support be provided on third-party components. If hardware is replaced, and the fault is determined to have been caused by the installation of a third-party component, Nutanix reserves the right to charge reasonable time and material rates for the service provided.

Return Material Authorization Policy

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To receive replacement parts for defective material it is necessary to contact Nutanix support. Replacement products and components are shipped to end users and valued added resellers (VARs) based on dispatch instructions generated by Nutanix support personnel. All replacement parts are supplied from field distribution centers. Nutanix products and components that are covered under the terms and conditions of Nutanix’s Limited Warranties (“Covered Products”) and returned to Nutanix must be pre‐authorized by Nutanix with an RMA number marked on the outside of the package, and sent prepaid, insured and packaged appropriately for safe shipment. Only packages with RMA numbers written on the outside of the shipping carton and/or the packing slips and shipping paperwork will be accepted by Nutanix’s receiving department, or its designated repair partner. All other packages will be rejected.

End User Support: Once Nutanix support personnel have determined a replacement part is needed, a replacement will be shipped. The end user will receive a dispatch number which also acts as the RMA number. Nutanix will be responsible for all freight charges for returned Covered Products or components provided Customer uses Nutanix designated carrier.

VAR Support: Once a VAR has determined there is a defective part at one of its customer sites a replacement is provided from its spare part inventory, if available. The VAR then contacts Nutanix support and request a replacement. A replacement product or component will be shipped to the VAR in advance of receiving the defective product. The VAR will receive a dispatch number which also acts as the RMA number. The VAR will be responsible to return the defective product within ten (10) business days and for all freight charges for returned Covered Products.

Non‐compliance: Parts not received by Nutanix, or its designated repair partner within fifteen (15) business days of dispatch will be invoiced to the appropriate party (either the end user or VAR) at Nutanix‘s then current list price.